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Exciting New 2014 eBook Series!

Thirteen-year-old Zack Granger and his sister Rachel's expedition to Octopus Island started out simply enough. They just wanted to do some exploring - and some searching for clues to their father's strange disappearance.

What they encountered was a wild, stormy, apparently uninhabited place with forbidding cliffs and caves and whirlpools and an ancient lighthouse filled with secrets. What they stumbled on was something even more dangerous - the terrifying mystery of Octopus Island.

Octopus Island is the first of six mystery adventure stories for the 9- to 13-year-old reader by veteran author Jan Pierson (a.k.a. Calamity Jan), And Howling Caves is the second. You can buy (or borrow if you are an Prime member) these exciting children's books here.

Stay tuned as the other books in the Calamity Creek Mystery series appear, ready for kids to enjoy when they're looking for scary mysteries to read!



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