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Exciting New 2014 Ghostowners Book!

graphic of cover of Ghost Girl in Car No. 9 by Calamity JanYoung readers love mystery but not always history. In Calamity Jan's latest book, history and mystery grab unsuspecting readers when three volunteers in the Nevada State Railroad Museum see the Ghost Girl in Car No 9.

According to legend, the Ghost Girl has been appearing on the Virginia & Truckee railroad for over a hundred years. Suddenly the legend becomes a reality for the ghost town detectives when the beautiful young girl appears and beckons from the baggage section of car No 9, pleading for their help and asking them to follow her into an old trunk that takes them back in time. Reluctantly, they follow her, finding themselves caught up in a wild and infamous segment of California-Nevada history circa 1873.

Orphaned and alone except for her beloved dog Gypsy, thirteen-year-old Jennica Teague boards the V&T in Reno, heading for the Nevada Children's Asylum in Virginia City. During a tunnel fire near Carson City, her dog disappears. Fearing the orphanage and in a desperate attempt to find Gypsy, Jennica cries out for help.

History's infamous stagecoach driver Hank Monk, notorious Pony Bob of the Pony Express and the legendary Viking of the Sierras, John "Snowshoe" Thompson of Genoa all engage the desperate girl and the ghost town detectives in a heart-stopping journey to find the dog and save Jennica from her dreaded fate.

Dedicated to the Nevada State Railroad Museum, the book is recommended for the 9-13-year-old reader.

Calamity Jan's 2014 Calamity Creek Series!

The Calamity Creek mystery series for the 9-12-year-old reader is now available as e-books on Kindle/ Set in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State, the series of six mystery-adventures for young readers launches Octopus Island, first in the series. Central characters Zack and Rachel Granger unearth fascinating history and very cool mysteries in these fast-paced stories involving buried treasure, smugglers and plenty of danger.

Caves, coves, legends and hidden tunnels beneath an old lighthouse are but just a few of the compelling plot twists driving this adventurous brother and sister into mysteries yet to be discovered.

Educators, parents and grandparents will love the historic connections with, for example, sunken Spanish Galleon treasures preserved in beeswax or hidden gold stashed by Russian crewmen when Russian Alaska was purchased by the United States. Young readers need more history and Calamity Creek Island affords the perfect backdrop for the characters (and readers) to discover treasures more important than gold. Order here.



Ghostowner Series

graphic of book cover of Ghost Girl in Car No 9, by Calamity Jan

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graphic of book cover The Haunted Horse of Gold Hill, by Calamity Jan